Experienced Legal Professional

As an attorney, Stan Little has tried cases in every type of court in the State of Mississippi, including successful rulings from the Mississippi Court of Appeals and the Mississippi Supreme Court. Now, with experience as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney, as well as a highly-successful record as a business builder and job creator, Stan wants to serve Desoto County as circuit judge.

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His experience in all areas of the legal profession is unmatched by any opponent. As a husband, father, and practicing Desoto County attorney for over 15 years, Stan has the ability to provide the leadership needed in our community and the motivation to make a positive impact for our future. True leadership can happen only when the leader is respected. Over the years, Stan has earned the respect of his fellow attorneys, local law enforcement, and the courthouse staff. Ask your friends and neighbors associated with the legal community what they think of Stan Little! DeSoto County has a chance to elect an experienced legal professional as its circuit judge — one that not only understands the law, but also understands the challenges facing local families, businesses, churches, schools, and individuals. Stan Little, Experienced Legal Professional for Circuit Judge


Stan Little worked his way through law school at Ole Miss by starting one of the most popular restaurants in Oxford. Not only did it provide a means to support himself, it also helped almost fifty other students working their way toward a college degree. Following law school, Stan passed the bar exams in both Mississippi and Hawaii and started a small, solo practice in North Mississippi. It’s the same firm in operation today– on the Hernando Square for over a decade now.

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With an entrepreneurial background as a restaurateur, broadcaster, magazine publisher, newspaper columnist, and cotton merchant, in 2013 Stan launched his most successful venture to date. Starting with a staff of college friends, four pilots, and three airplanes, Stan started Southern Airways, a commuter airline originally created to connect DeSoto County and the Greater Memphis area to the Florida Gulf Coast. Today, Southern has grown to be the third-largest commuter airline in the country, with over 100 daily departures across seven states. Stan’s company now provides a livelihood for over 250 families. Continuing to practice law while building the airline, Stan has now assembled a leadership team complete with corporate executives from varied backgrounds, a former Fortune 500 CEO, and other airline leaders comprising hundreds of years of combined aviation experience. It is through this dynamic team guiding the day-to-day operations of the company that Stan now has the ability to enter public service. Stan Little, Businessman for Circuit Judge

Family Man with DeSoto County Values

Stan Little was born the son of public school educators, his mother an elementary school teacher and his father the high school baseball and girl’s basketball coach. His parents instilled in him the traditional values that are evident not only in his legal and business interactions, but also in his personal life. Stan’s wife, Meredith, also a former public school teacher, is now a stay-at-home mom to their son, Griffin, and dog, Dixie.

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The Little’s are raising their family in DeSoto County with the same values that they were taught from their parents: hard work, integrity, and community involvement. DeSoto County needs a judge that is mindful of these core values and cherishes the same sense of place that causes each of us to choose DeSoto County as our home. Stan Little, Family Man for Circuit Judge

One Qualified Candidate



Stan Little: I BELIEVE…

  • In the sanctity of life and the dignity of every individual;
  • In a kind word and a smile for everyone I encounter;
  • In the wisdom of the Founding Fathers and the role they still play today;
  • In the humble courage of the Greatest Generation and the lessons they teach;
  • In persuasion when available, fighting when required, and reason always;
  • In working to preserve our Desoto County way of life for my son and his generation;
  • In respect more than power, giving more than receiving, and God & family above all else.

“I humbly ask for your vote and your vocal support this fall. I stand ready to serve as your Circuit Judge, so long as I retain the public’s trust and the confidence of my fellow attorneys. I think all public servants should follow that pledge. Leadership is not possible without confidence in, and respect for, the leader.”